Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hold yer breath

Of all the photos we create, it's the underwater photos, that are the most difficult to do. Although I have been shooting underwater for a few years now, it's still an uncomfortable feeling to submerge a digital camera in the water. One leak in the housing will result in a ruined camera. So I have a ritual where I check everything including the seals of the housing every time I go underwater. Once everything checks out, I am confident that I can safely shoot. Obviously, being unable to breathe is a challenge all it's own. I don't use scuba while I work underwater, I free dive with the models. This means I have to work fast, and my camera will sometimes sound like a machine gun, as I try to shoot as many photos as I can before I have to come back up for air. But it's not just fast photography, I'm doing, I also have to time my shots with the model who is also holding their breath. While I am trying to shoot quickly, I also have to shoot good images. This means timing each shot so that i don't end up with too many images that look all the same. I have to maintain my focus and keep the model inside the frame at all times, ready to shoot something that looks interesting. Even when I think everything is fine, I won't know for certain how the images will look until they are downloaded in the computer.

It takes a special model to work underwater. Besides being able to swim well, she has to be able to model underwater as naturally as possible and without looking like she's drowning. Most models aren't professional swimmers and since we ask them to wear an outfit complete with heels, it can be difficult for them. The more clothing that is worn, the more effort it takes to swim. A business suit with jacket, blouse, tight skirt, jewelry, and pumps takes more effort to swim in then a simple summer dress with flat sandals. Yet they have to be able to pull it off, making it all look effortless. For underwater, we like to take advantage of the unique environment to create unique wetlook images. We pick outfits that will look interesting underwater. A business suit is always interesting because it's one of those in your face kind of contradictions and business suits and water aren't supposed to go together. We sometimes pick outfits to do other things, such as float or flow. We like to use skirts that will ballon up or create a "revealing" sexy image, such as a skirt that floats up a bit too much or a blouse that pulls down a bit more than it's supposed to. Anything that isn't intended to be worn in the water is always key to successful wetlook. So it isn't common to see our models wear sweaters or boots or expensive looking outfits. For us, it adds to the art we try to capture.

One of the most difficult underwater shoots we have done, were those we did in the open ocean. For me as the photographer, and for the models, shooting in the ocean can be exhausting. The models and I have to wade out into water, deep enough to use and I will try to capture as many usable shots, and do it in a short period of time. 15 minutes is more than I want them to be out because I know that it's not easy. I also have to keep in mind that theres always a tide, which can drag us too far away. Safety is extremely important and no photo is worth a dangerous situation. Even in the ocean, most of our shots are either close to shore or close to a boat we may happen to be working from.

All of this work is to provide you the best in underwater wetlook photography, which we hope you will enjoy.

Avalanche wears a sexy business suit complete with stockings, garter and pumps for a set hot enough to boil all the water out of the pool

Isobel wears a pink gown that flowed and moved in unique ways

Smiley's first underwater shoot was this set. She wears a casual outfit. Jeans, flat sandals, and big t-shirt which tended to float up. A simple but sexy scene

Rachel swims in the open ocean wearing a skirt, blouse and wedge heels

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Destination unknown (Part #2)

Here are some more photos from our traveling adventures….

  Savannah off the coast of the ABC Islands

Isobel in a river, in Costa Rica

"M" in Costa Rica

"K" in Costa Rica

To be continued….

Monday, June 6, 2016

Destination unknown (Part #1)

One of the fun things we sometimes get to do is travel to some far off exotic destination. I love these opportunities as it's a chance to get out and work in an entirely different location, and which gives me new inspiration. Of course it's also very challenging to take on such an endeavor. There are big expenses involved and theres tons of planning that takes place. And despite our best efforts, things sometimes go wrong. We have had everything from models canceling to lost luggage, damaged equipment, blown up rental cars, sea sickness, landslides, bad weather, etc. Yup things don't always go as planned
But I can say that each one of our trips has been an adventure. Despite the unexpected, we've always had great fun, we get to visit new places, see new things and make new friends. In the end, we come home with thousands of photos and video footage and great experiences.

Here are some of the highlights of our traveling adventures;

Orias in Virgin Gorda

  Isobel Wren in Costa Rica

 Roarie in Virgin Gorda

Amber in Virgin Gorda

To be continued……

Monday, May 30, 2016

A Splash, from the past

For the past few days, I've been reorganizing some of my hard drives and came across some of the work we've produced from years ago. Sets that we once offered on our site, but since removed. Our reason to no longer offer them was due in part by our continued production. With every new update, we were offering more photos for the same low price, making those sets a much better value than the ones before. Eventually the older sets no longer sold, so we took them down. It's been a few years since then and many were forgotten. I may someday consider reintroducing them, but for now, I've decided to revisit and share some highlights of the sets from our past. Some of the images I chose to share have never been seen before, so without further ado, here is a small handful of our older work;

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Hello donkey

Thought I'd share these behind the scene moments with Savannah and Leslie Ann.


All this donkey had to do was look cute for a couple of sexy models to stop for pics.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Tales from the "Fail Files"

Not every photo session comes out. Many things can go wrong during a photo shoot. Human error, equipment failure or circumstances beyond our control. These are some of the things that can happen when we create photo sets. Whatever it maybe, the end result is, we can never sell the set. Fortunately it doesn't happen often, but it does happen.
 Although we have a few unusable sets, there are some ok photos within those sets, that it would be a shame not to share them. Perhaps they aren't exactly perfect, but we present them here, from the "Fail Files"

Equipment failure/ Human error.  

Ok I'm not perfect, it's important to pay attention to the details, and for this set, I missed it. We had the pleasure of working with a model, who we will call "K". We had already met K before, she was a friend of a friend, and I will admit, I really wanted to work with her for awhile. But sadly she doesn't live close and we both have hectic schedules. So when the opportunity presented itself to shoot K, we didn't hesitate. We only had her for just one set. It was a cool night when she arrived, so we would try to make the most of it. We set up a simple black backdrop and the idea I had for this set was to throw buckets of water on her and try to capture the water in flight. I though that this would be a fun idea and I set up two strobes for this set. One strobe was set up to capture the water as it was in the air, the other was my main key light. We had a great time. Friends assisted, by throwing the buckets of water at her, and all seemed well. 
What I missed was the equipment failure. 
It wasn't until we downloaded the set when I discovered the failure to fire, as the water wasn't lit as I expected. So what went wrong? Well, when I did the initial test, both strobes were working. The camera was adjusted to both lights and my test shots were lit as I expected. However, as the set progressed, the strobe I set up to capture the water in midair, did not fire. At the time, I thought it was, because I was seeing a flash in my viewfinder. But the flash I was seeing was apparently coming from the working strobe. As it turned out, the failure to fire on the strobe I set up to capture the water in flight had a loose plug. It was a simple failure with an easy fix, but I just didn't take notice to check a photo in the camera or glance at the strobe occasionally. And it costs us time and effort. To add insult to injury, we won't have another opportunity to work with K again. Although we continue to remain friends, K has moved on from modeling for bigger and better things. The moral of the story, don't take things for granted. 

Sincerely EdR


Sunday, May 22, 2016

Welcome to "A Splash of Glamour"


    My name is Edwin, and this is my blog, for "www.asplashofglamour.com"
Welcome to my blog. Here is where I talk about the work we do and keep you up to date on various things, and sometimes just general yakking.

To start, I'll tell you a little about myself. I have been interested in wetlook from an early age and later, I developed an interest in photography. It wasn't until I met my wife, who inspired me to combine the two. My first stab at production was in 2005, when we were invited by Kev and Graham, to be guest photographers for Styx Wet World. At the time, Styx was growing and was bringing in new talent to supplement their fine work, and we were happy to be a part of it. But it wouldn't last long. Kev became very ill, and it was decided to let Styx wind down. Sadly Kev, passed away Sept. 2010 and Styx would never be the same. As for us, we decided to continue, branching out on our own, and creating "A Splash of Glamour". Later, we added a video production we call "Always Wet & Sexy"

It's been a long road since we began, having been producing photo sets since 2008, with over 600 published sets. In that time we have had the great opportunity and pleasure to travel to exotic lands and work with the finest models, to bring to you the highest quality wetlook possible.

Sincerely EdR